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Smart Phone Repair Course

With more and more people using smartphones like iphones, blackberrys and various android handsets, the market for repairing these devices has grown a lot over the years. India Training institute in its quest to be at the forefront of technology, has therefore started smart phone repair course in Kerala. The training will cover repairs of all major branded as well as Chinese smart phones.

Who should attend?
Any one who wants to make a career in smart phone repairs or wants to learn it as a hobby.

Duration :  6 Months
1 Months (25 hours)
Fast track facility is also available.

Course Syllabus:
Our training is divided into three parts:

  • Theory

  • Practicals

  •  Practice



  • Assembling & disassembling of different types of smart phones.

  • Study of parts of smartphones.

  • Testing of various parts with multimeter.


Hardware Troubleshooting

  • Circuit Board / Motherboard Introduction.

  • Replacing of faulty parts.

  • Fault finding & troubleshooting.

  • Steps of repairing various hardware problems.

  • Advanced troubleshooting techniques.



Software Troubleshooting

  • Introduction of various software faults.

  • Flashing of various brands of smartphones.

  • Upgrading operating systems.

  • Formatting of virus affected handsets.

  • Unlocking of handsets through codes and software.

  • Jail breaking.

  • Troubleshooting settings faults.


Support Program

  • How to open and manage your own mobile-

      repair shop.

  • How to successfully work as a technician.

  • Where to procure tools, spare parts-

      and accessories.

  • How to deal with customers and distributes.

  • Technical support guidance through us.

  • Various other technical support web sites


Mobile Phone Repairing Training

Eligibility: 10th/12th

Duration : 1 Year

1) Basic Mobile Phone Chip Level
2) Mobile Phone Complete Software Repairing
3) Basic Electronics & Complete Mobile Hardware Repairing
4) Complete training for Hardware Repairing
5) Hardware


1. Introduction to Mobile Phone.
2. Basic Electronics :-

a. Current
b. Voltage
c. Resistor
d. Transistor
e. Capacitor
f. Diode
g. Inductor / Coil
h. Transformer
i. Integrated Circuit
j. Speaker / Ringer
k. Microphone
l. Vibrate Motor
m. Display
n. Drivers
o. Power Switch
p. Fuse
q. Using Multitmeter
r. Real Time Clock and Quartz Crystal

3. Construction of Battery Booster,
    Charger and its uses.
4. Assembling and Disassembly of Mobile Phone.


1. Basic and Special Components of Mobile Phone.
2. Checking the Basic Component of-
    Mobile Phone and its Faults.
3. Technique of Soldering and using -
    SMD Rework Station.
4. Water Damage and Washing of Mobile-
    Phone with CTC




1. Introduction to SMD Components.
2. Testing of SMD components.
3. BGA IC Reballing and Installing.
4. Installing and Removing Connector,-
    Display flex, Folding and Sliding-
    Handset Flex Cable.
5. Circuit Tracing of Different Section-
    of Mobile Phone.

a. Charging Section
b. Network Section
c. Keypad Section
d. Display Section
e. Speaker and Ringer Section
f. Blue Tooth Section
g. Infra red Section
h. Light Section



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