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     We delightfully bring to your kind notice that NETD is a premier skill and vocational training providing organization in India. NETD was launched in 2013, and over the years has successfully delivered in the vocational and skills training space leading to employment of thousands of candidates. Over the years, the organization's goal has evolved and we are committed to make self-reliant youth from smaller cities and towns of India who may have completed basic education, but have limited or no skills to make them employable. At NETD, we are devoted to bridge the gap in the skill sector which has been growing between urban and rural areas in India.
We feel immense pleasure to inform you that NETD has been a TP in Skill Development training courses of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), we are running various sector skills like Telecom, Retail, Security, Agriculture, Health care, Hospitality Management, IT/ITes and many more to the students to fulfill the growing demands of skilled manpower.

     We delightfully announce that NETD has entered into TP with NSDC to implement the PMKVY under the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Govt. of India. Aiming to establish a new paradigm of service delivery in India and facilitating youth in achieving economic independence and extending support to them for leading a dignified and standard life by providing need based skill development training we are committed to provide quality training to youth of the country. In view of this we are looking for centers, preferably having an existing infrastructure to be able to offer skill development programs for the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal VikasYojana (PMKVY )  under various skill sector council.

   Affiliation is a method for the Training Centres (TCs) to get formally associated with NETD in order to impart training to trainees for specific job roles aligned to PMKVY Framework Accreditation and Affiliation are the measuring scales for the provision of quality skilling by the TCs.
An affiliated TC has to follow the rules and regulations set by the respective NETD that give the affiliation in order to maintain/follow the Accreditation Standards.
Affiliation can be granted to an Accredited as well as Conditionally Accredited Centre. A Conditionally Accredited Centre may apply for affiliation and get Conditional Affiliation; however, it is pivotal that the TC complies with the Accreditation Standards within the required time frame, failing which the Conditional Accreditation status of the TC shall be revoked, and therefore the TC shall no longer remain affiliated.

An affiliated TC gets access to a number of benefits, including the following:

   Only accredited AND affiliated TCs are allowed to commence PMKVY aligned training program.
   As all the Government funded schemes are monitored on a continuous basis, an affiliated TC becomes entitled to the Continuous Monitoring Process, if empaneled under a specific scheme. Continuous Monitoring helps in awarding a dynamic grade to the TC on periodic basis, based on its compliance and performance. If a TC does not seek affiliation, its grading will become 'dormant', as such TCs are not entitled to be monitored on a continuous basis. It may be noted that a TC having dormant grade does not bestow high confidence of the stakeholders. Refer to the Guidelines for Accreditation, Affiliation and Continuous Monitoring of Training Centres for Skills Ecosystem for more details.
   Trainees of the Affiliated Tcs are entitled to receive Industry recognized Certificates post successful completion of training and assessment.
It is to be noted that Accreditation and Affiliation of a TC does not guarantee target allocation under Government funded skill development schemes. Each scheme may have its own target allocation process, according to which a TC may be allocated the targets. For example, under PMKVY, the target allocation is based on the grade and job roles demands as per the geographical location of the TC. A  TC may thus choose to ascertain its capability in terms of mobilizing candidates pertaining to certain job roles, adherence to particular scheme guidelines and targets it may receive under specific schemes before seeking affiliation with the NETD.

If it is found that a TC, accredited for certain job roles, has started the training operations without getting affiliated for the accredited job roles, it shall be penalized suitably as deemed fit by the monitoring team of that scheme.


    All accredited TCs are deemed for the grant of affiliation. Once a TC is accredited for certain job roles, the affiliation cannot be denied by the NETD to that TC for the accredited job roles. A TC, in order to seek affiliation certificate from the NETD , shall have the provision of submitting an online application for affiliation.
Affiliation request would be deemed as completed under following conditions:
    Affiliation is granted on the basis of job roles. Therefore, a TC has to apply for affiliation only for the accredited job roles.

    The TC shall pay an affiliation fee for each job role. TC is advised to apply for affiliation as soon as it gets accredited; however, it is provided a maximum of 6-month period to seek affiliation. In cases where six months have elapsed since the accreditation date of an unaffiliated TC, it would require to re-accredit itself before applying for affiliation.
The online affiliation request is forwarded to the concerned SSC, which reviews the request containing the accreditation report of all job roles as submitted by the Inspection Agency and the affiliation fee payment confirmation. Post review, the SSC shall award the Affiliation Certificate to the concerned TC.

    The validity of affiliation of a TC is for a year from the date of affiliation. The TC has to apply for the renewal of affiliation at least three months in advance of the affiliation expiry date. The request for renewal of affiliation has to be sent only after renewal of accreditation, as only the Accredited Centres are eligible for affiliation. In case a TC gets de-accredited for any reason, its affiliation shall also be no longer valid. In such cases, the concerned TC may seek affiliation only after getting re-accredited for the specific job roles.

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