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      The Organization National Education Training and Development (NETD) is an registered with the state-central government. Registered: No: 1104, (an Autonomous Institution Registered under the Society Act, Sharing Information Technology Literacy Movement with GOVT. OF INDIA) (A National Programme of Information Technology) various Government Education schemes and scholarships in the Government are implemented through NETD. Working in different fields of Programme & Commercial training conducted by the State & Central Government to approach every class of the society.

      National Education Training Development with its Administrative Office at Malappuram, Kottakkal, with ATC's spread all over Kerala and other parts of India. NETD invites interested entrepreneurs/ institutions to join hands with us in this unique mission and help to create a digitally enabled nation. The free and the sphere of vocational courses for students, in order to provide scholarships for some period of the course, the Government of India registered Organization NETD. It is classified as operational excellence in vocational education and counseling for all Ten  boards..-

  1. College of Medical Techniques

  2. College of Information Technology

  3. School of Craft and handicraft

  4. College of Fashion Technology

  5. College of Visual Media

  6. Garments & Textile

  7. Academic Education

  8. College Of Ayurveda

  9. College Of Aviation Technology

  10. Skill Development Courses

      Cell operates in order to provide job placement students to learn and comes down from the branch of each cell. Provides training related to Computer Software, Hardware & Networking, Accounts, IT , Skill Development and different other sectors. The challenge for youth employment, by 2025, 100% of the efforts undertaken NETD to provide a good education for free. various Government Education schemes and scholarships in the Government are implemented through NETD. The main function of the society is to provide higher technical education in nominal charges for every group of society of Urban & Rural areas all over India and get success in computer revolution which is the main dream of Indian Govt


With its world-class vocational training institutes (NETD”S) education is setting a benchmark in skill development the aim is to offer skill-specific training that will help students find excellent job opportunities in the global workspace.


To ensuring quality of education and training

To prepare ground for level based training system and encourage sustainable development that will create an economic viability for present  and future generations.


  • Accountability - We take responsibility for our actions and empower others to do so as well.

  • Creativity - New ideas stimulate discovery and foster innovation, leading to more effective learning.

  • Excellence - We embody the highest level of excellence.

  • Integrity - We treat our customers and staff ethically, fairly, and honestly.

  • Learning - We cultivate lifelong learning.

  • Respect - Our learning environment embraces and fosters diversity among people and ideas.

  • Service - We provide premier customer service.

  • Teamwork - We celebrate and capitalize on the strengths and contributions of others.

Is NETD certificate valid?
All courses & certification run under NETD are valid for only self-employment activity, this career oriented courses is designed by research panel controlled by NETD

What is the use of NETD certificate?
Certificate holder can apply for public/private sector job in India & abroad. For already qualified/employed person, this certification boosts their chances for better private/ govt. jobs and skill based jobs.

What is skill certificate?
Skill certification forms the basis for a credentialing program in a particular trade or profession. An industry or a government agency establishes the qualifications, requirements and standards to be met for granting certification to practitioners of particular occupations.





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